The Whole House Audio/Video/Control Process

Sticker Shock

Lately, we have seen many prospective clients come and ask to get a quote for their project. Some are elated and others are in shock! So that got me to wondering, why was their such a disparity between the two types of clients? My first thought was - could it be financial, lifestyle or even a fear of technology? We will never know, but we have a few ideas that may help you in your next purchase...

Consider this when buying a budget system: If you use a system HALF as often because it is cumbersome, complex, or inadequate, then your true cost is TWICE what you paid for it!

The Whole House Project and What You Might Not Know?

Your partnership begins with your first meeting. At this meeting, we will explore your audio and video options and define your project based on your needs, timeframe and budget. The biggest key is budget. Some people know going into a project what they have in mind or want to spend. Our job is to point out all of the conveniences available and create the greatest AV experience possible.

Video Scenarios - Help to determine what rooms will have video and how will it be presented?

  • Stand Alone - TV display with built-in speakers which operate independently of whole-house video
  • Simple Amplification - TV sound will be played through whole-house speakers in a stereo configuration
  • Surround Sound System - Dedicated AV receiver creates a surround sound environment

Audio Scenarios Help to determine what rooms will have music. This can range from simple background music in the individual rooms to critical listening in theater or listening rooms. What source components are desired?

  • CD player
  • Satellite Radio (Sirius or XM)
  • AM/FM Radio
  • Digital Audio Server

Structured Cabling Layout - Define for you the initial and future connectivity/distribution needs for each room, including telephone, Internet, audio and video distribution. 

Telephone Cabling Options -Layout choices ranging from simple single-line phones throughout the house to multiline phone system with intercom and voice mail.

Computer Networking - Address and incorporate all you Internet connectivity and computer networking needs.

Closed Circuit TV Options -Provide simple monitoring up to motion-based premises recording

Control System - Help you to determine what will be controlled and how.

Cost Estimate/Quote

Corona Integrated Systems will provide an initial cost estimate based on the scope of your project. This will provide a full menu of options from which you can choose an AV scenario that best meets your needs and budget.


Once your project parameters are established, Corona Integrated Systems will work with you to identify the location of all speakers, TV displays, control devices, electronic and wiring locations, telephones, and other components. In newly constructed homes, this is done in conjunction with the general contractor. We will coordinate our systems with your home layout (e.g. floor & ceiling plans, electric, built-ins, furniture lay-out, etc.) and most importantly your life style. In some cases, Corona Integrated Systems may need to prepare a mechanical room, which will be the AV control center for the home.

Structured Cabling

Telephone, home networks, Internet, cable television, and satellite all have special cabling requirements which are call "structured cabling." Structured cabling lays the foundation that allows your technological devices to work together seamlessly. Following the walk-through, we will begin to pre-wire your home according to your desired schedule. In a newly constructed home, there are three phases service provider brings up that service. If you need help setting up and connecting computers and printers we will be happy to do that for an additional fee. In an existing home, these steps will be customized on an as needed basis.

Cabling Phase

In new construction, this phase begins after the electric, plumbing and HVAC trades have completed their rough-in work but before the installation of insulation and sheetrock. During this phase Corona Integrated Systems will:

  •  Install conduit from mechanical room to the attic
  •  Install low voltage rings for:
  •  Structured cable runs (computer and phone)
  •  System controls
  •  Video display areas
  •  Install Speaker brackets
  •  Install and label all low voltage wire

Termination Phase

This phase begins after the sheet rock is complete and before certificate of occupancy (CO) is issued . During the termination phase the cables described above are terminate both ends and wrapped in protective plastic. The terminated cables are then placed in the wall and covered with a temporary plate. After the wall finishes are complete, the plates come off and the speakers are installed.

Move-In Phase

At this point the cable and/or satellite feed, telephone service and Internet connectivity should all be turned on or made "live." We will be there to guide your cable and/or satellite installation, including where the set top boxes are to be installed and to ensure their cable company delivers a quality signal. We will also be there when the Internet service provider brings up that service. If you need help setting up and connecting computers and printers we will be happy to do that for an additional fee. In an existing home, these steps will be customized on an as needed basis.

Electronic Equipment Installation

Upon completion of the structured cabling "Move-In Phase," your home will be ready for equipment installation. Our t rained professionals will place, install and test your new system, will give you a system "walk-through ", and will provide a tutorial as to the use of your remotes. You will then be ready to take full use and enjoyment of your new state-of-the-art AV system!


Our Pledge

We insure that our service is timely, precise, friendly and in line with the highest industry standards. As your neighborhood provider, we are always here to answer your questions or make adjustments to your home theater system. After a Corona Integrated Systems installation has been completed, our customers can enjoy their system for years to come.