GoldenEar Is At It Again!

GoldenEar Releases The XXL Subwoofer And The StereoPoint 652 Stereo Speaker

XXL Subwoofer


The inventive SuperSub XXL features two active 12-inch bass drivers set in a vibration-cancelling, horizontally-opposed configuration, supplemented by two 12.75-inch x 14.5-inch passive radiators set in a patent-pending vibration cancelling, vertically-opposed configuration. Providing propulsion is a 1600-watt DSP controlled subwoofer amplifier. 

We love GoldenEar subwoofers! The Forcefield series was already an industry changing subwoofer line, but now the XXL will raise the bar even further! It's completely balanced. So balanced, that they demo it with a nickel standing on it's edge. Words can't describe the amount of power and sheer volume of air movement this subwoofer produces while still being musical.

Pre-orders start this week and retails for only $1999! 

The StereoPoint 652 Stereo Speaker

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 2.32.19 PM.jpg

You now have the perfect GoldenEar solution for small areas like bathrooms and kitchens, or any larger area where the speakers would be too far apart to hear both channels, or where multiple speakers are installed but multiple single-point stereo coverage is preferred. (Wouldn't be surprised to see a few of these in Dolby Atmos or DTS:X overhead "God Channel" installations.)

GoldenEar says, "In evaluating other single-point stereo speakers, we have found significant colorations. Not so with the  Invisa SP 652. Engineering approached this as a serious speaker, not just an insignificant rush project, and this will be very clear when you hear it. Of course, it incorporates two of our signature HVFR tweeters, and a complex crossover. We debated going all the way on this product, and in the end decided that we would. We really wanted something we could be proud of, and are glad that we did."

U.S. Retail is $449 each, available now.