Joe Corona - President

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Joe Corona is the founder and president of Corona Integrated Systems. He is a graduate of the University of Alabama where he worked for the Crimson Tide basketball program under legendary head coach Wimp Sanderson. The practical experience and responsibilities that he gained helped further his education beyond just the classroom. His passion for basketball led to a short but successful coaching career spanning all levels from professional to high school. His work in basketball brought to light the importance of hard work and preparation for daily life.

After coaching, he spent four years as an agent for Northwestern Mutual. The lessons learned about being “Client Centered” and “doing what’s best for your clients, not yourself” are the staple of his business practices today. Over twenty years ago after his time at Northwestern, Joe went to work at Home Systems, Inc. to head up sales and design for their Audio/Video group. Under his guidance, Home Systems grew into one of the top firms in Birmingham. In 2009, Joe bought Home Systems AV group and formed Corona Integrated Systems. He has seen his company advance in their product offerings and technical expertise while never losing focus on their relationships with their clients. Raised by small business owners, Joe still believes in the main tenant of business that his parents instilled in him: “treat your patrons exactly the way that you would wanted to be treated.” Joe and his team live by that philosophy, providing unparalleled service to all.