Our Process For Success

Our mission is simple: Make technology an asset for your place of business or home while providing great customer service and a long lasting relationship. No matter what service(s) we provide, the focus will always be on quality, taking the time to learn and listen to what your exact needs are, and educating you or your staff on how to master the products.

Need some guidance or technical suggestions for your next project? Let one of our consultants help out to make sure all your bases are covered.  Where to begin? What do I need? Where do we go? Our consultation services will help get all those questions answered and assist in getting the right plan together for you. 

Whether you are a corporation looking to upgrade your boardroom or a sports bar looking to build out the ultimate A/V experience we have the knowledge, experience and skill to design your next project no matter what the size. Proper design is the key to a successful buildout. All the bells and whistles in the world won't do your business any good if proper preparation, setup and design is not done from the beginning.



Project Managment
Permitting, licensing, scheduling , circuit termination, infrastructure deployment and so on and so on. There is a great deal that is involved when doing any type of build out. Ever been involved in a new office buildout? Did you know that the average number of contractors/providers to get your office technology complete from start to finish is 6+? Everyone needs certain things at specific times or the project can go south real quick. Let us make sure the project flows so you don't have to worry about the  final result.

When it comes to installation Corona Integrated Systems has the knowledge, staff, and attention to detail to take care of almost any A/V, Control, Energy Management, or Surveillance install in the commercial and residential market. 

We pride ourselves on taking care of your system, today and in the future. As a full service electronics integration company, you can rely on our world class service. Whenever you need us, we'll be there.